Mission and Core Values

We are dedicated to promoting the mutual understanding of different cultures across borders.

We connect people, cultures and countries.

We build bridges that span the language and culture gap to promote international understanding. We believe that our actions lead to improved relations between societies, cultures and countries.

We work together faithfully to achieve common goals.

We are competent and trusted partners - to our employees, customers and business associates.

We serve the public good while remaining economically viable.

We are committed to serving the public good while maintaining the economic stability and sustainable develepment of our organization.

We take high quality standards for granted.

We set high quality standards for our work and our products and are dedicated to maintaining these self-imposed standards.

Carl Duisberg Logo: The Bridge

In line with our core value "We connect people, cultures and countries", we build bridges that span the language and culture gap. The bridge in our logo visualizes our mission to promote the mutual understanding of different cultures across borders, e.g. helping companies build successful international teams and helping families plan valuable experiences abroad for their children.

Diversity Charter

Carl Duisberg Centren became a signatory and supporter of the "Charta der Vielfalt" (Diversity Charter) in August 2016. The initiative aims to promote the recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity into Germany's business culture. Organizations are to create a working environment free of prejudice.

The Charta was founded by companies like Daimler, Siemens, BMW, Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Telekom and now has over 2.500 members. The principles upheld by the Charta are consistent with Carl Duisberg Centren's core values. As a signatory of the Diversity Charta, we aim to set an example by dealing with diversity constructively and promoting a non-discriminatory working environment in our organization.