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Carl Duisberg Centren has promoted international understanding between Germany and Iran since 2015. Prior to this, the company provided further education and training to many Iranian professionals and executives from various industries in the 80s during a training cooperation between the two countries.

TakYab (Corporate office of our local Carl Duisberg representatives)
Azadi Tower (A landmark of Tehran)
Izfahan (Persian mosaic art)
Bazar (Marketplace for local products)

Professional Training Programs

Today, Carl Duisberg Centren works with a local partner, Tak Yab Asia, a competent team of engineers with over 16 years of experience in collaborative agreements between German and Iranian companies. In addition to Carl Duisberg Centren, Tak Yab Asia also represents various German engineering, drilling, pump and special valve companies. They know the qualification requirements of Iranian specialists and maintain good relationships with Iranian clients.

Carl Duisberg Centren’s Objective

Carl Duisberg Centren’s primary goal is to enable Iranian professionals and executives to experience best-practice cases. Participants deepen their industry-specific expertise through practically oriented seminars and extend their professional network through organized visits to German companies. Carl Duisberg Centren’s tailor-made training programs provide insights into the benefits of Germany as a location for business, e.g. the innovative power of SMEs, export potential, high quality and production standards and the dual education model.

Local Training Programs

We are a leading European provider of training programs and offer a wide variety of customized professional training programs. Our programs for Iran include: 

  • Management Training
  • Vocational Education & Training
  • Intercultural Training
  • International Consulting

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