Company History


Carl Duisberg Centren is founded initially as the Carl Duisberg-Wohnheim Gesellschaft mbH on 26 January. The non-profit organization is commissioned to build, promote and maintain dormitories for foreign recipients of scholarships provided by the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft e.V. (CDG).


Carl Duisberg Training Centers open in Dortmund, Munich and Saarbrucken.


The company is renamed Carl Duisberg Centren gemeinnützige GmbH and launches a new service product: German Courses for CDG scholarship recipients.


Carl Duisberg Förderkreis e.V. becomes the majority shareholder of Carl Duisberg Centren gemeinnützige GmbH.


Carl Duisberg Centren expands its German Courses product range, making courses available not only within the CDG but also to participants from intermediary organizations, German corporations and foreign agencies.


Commissioned by a major Venezuelan scholarship fund, Carl Duisberg Centren offers its first long-term university programs with several hundred scholarship recipients.


Carl Duisberg Centren takes over the former GEPRA (Gesellschaft für praktisches Auslandswissen) and sets up a language travel program. The company also launches an intercultural training seminar program for German business executives.


Carl Duisberg Centren launches further education and training programs for participants from OPEC countries.


Carl Duisberg Sprachendienst is established in Hanover, offering foreign language courses to German executives.


Carl Duisberg Centren opens a training center in Radolfzell on Lake Constance. In collaboration with partners in the German business sector and the German Federal Government, Carl Duisberg Centren launches professional training programs for Iran and China. The first foreign office in Jakarta, Indonesia, opens.


Carl Duisberg Centren introduces the internationally recognized certificate “Business German” [Wirtschaftsdeutsch] in collaboration with the Goethe Institute and the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce.


Carl Duisberg Centren offers the first video-based German language learning program on the German market entitled "On the Job Language”. The Alfred Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation commissions Carl Duisberg Centren to carry out a long-term scholarship program for Iranian junior executives.


Carl Duisberg Centren opens a branch office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Carl Duisberg Centren Intertraining & Consult GmbH is established as a subsidiary of Carl Duisberg Centren gemeinnützige GmbH. Carl Duisberg Centren opens an office in Moscow.


The Heinz Nixdorf Foundation commissions Carl Duisberg Centren to carry out a long-term business training program for young people in Russia.


The Carl Duisberg Training Center Mannheim opens.


Carl Duisberg Centren sets up International School Programs, offering High School programs abroad to German teens. The Carl Duisberg Training Center Berlin opens and the company sets up an office in Peking. Study Tours to Germany are launched on a larger scale for foreign specialists and executives (e.g. from China, Brazil, Vietnam and Russia).


Carl Duisberg International School Programs extends its offerings to include Boarding School Programs. 
The Open University sets up a study center at the Carl Duisberg Training Center in Cologne. 


The newly established Carl Duisberg Foundation for international Education and Cooperation becomes the primary shareholder of Carl Duisberg Centren gemeinnützige GmbH.


Study Abroad Programs are launched for students at American universities.


Carl Duisberg Centren receives the MTP 4 commission as the lead organization of a consortium of nine European companies for a European Union-sponsored management training program for Russia, the Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.


The Carl Duisberg Training Center Beijing, China opens.


The Carl Duisberg Training Center Frankfurt/Rhein-Main opens.


Carl Duisberg Centren celebrates its 50th Anniversary.


Carl Duisberg Centren relaunches its Corporate Training product portfolio and sets up a new Corporate Business division.

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