German language training and international experience to boost your career

Trips abroad and business contacts worldwide have now become matter of fact. One of the most important languages for communication in Europe is German, which is second only to English in the field of scientific publications. 40% of scientists in the USA recommend that their students learn German. It is the second most widely used language on the Internet. Along with language skills, intercultural competence is also an important factor for career success in the global marketplace.

Carl Duisberg Centren can help you boost your career with the right set of key qualifications. From our 50 years of experience, we know that a language is most effectively learned through targeted programs. Whether you are seeking to improve your German for business or want to do an internship in Germany and gain international work experience, you will reap the long-term benefits that these skills will bring to your career.

Dealing with international contacts requires more than language skills. Intercultural competence is an essential component to truly communicate in the global marketplace.

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