Program for medical specialists from foreign countries

We clear the way to your licence to practise medicine

Are you a foreign doctor who completed your medical studies abroad and would like to do your specialist training in Germany? Are you now facing the challenge of meeting all the administrative requirements to acquire your licence to practise medicine? There are numerous formal as well as individual requirements to deal with. We can offer you our support!

Benefit from the high quality standard of Carl Duisberg Centren!

We offer you:

  • a complete Service Package to provide you with professional support until you acquire your licence to practice medicine
  • a German Intensive Course at a Carl Duisberg Training Center to deepen your language skills and a special purposes module "German for Doctors"
  • support during the intercultural integration process in your daily work in hospital
  • accommodation during your stay if required

When you book our Complete Service Package, we guarantee optimal and time-saving preparation until you acquire your licence to practise medicine.

Your advantages:

  • Benefit from the individual and independent counselling service provided by Carl Duisberg Centren
  • Take advantage of the high quality of Carl Duisberg German courses to prepare for your career
  • Benefit from 50 years of experience which Carl Duisberg Centren has in the field of international exchange and intercultural communication to achieve optimal integration in your new professional surroundings

Your profile:

  • You hold a degree in medicine after studying for at least six years at a university (including 8–12 months practical training)
  • You would like to continue your studies as a medical specialist in Germany
  • You are interested in German culture and are motivated to learn the language

Working Professionals

Your Contact

Myriam Hagmeyer-Brand

Coordinator University Programs,
Project Manager Gabun

Phone +49 (0)221/16 26-230


Birgit Mkwanazi

Project Manager

Tel. +49 (0)221/16 26-267

Email birgit.mkwanazi

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