Service packages for the providers of student grants

Carl Duisberg Centren is able to offer both the customer and the scholarship holder a full range of services from a single source for the entire course of study:

In the country of origin

  • Advice in selecting scholarship recipients
  • Review of scholastic records and certificates and the requirements for admission to university
  • Group courses for obtaining a university entrance qualification
  • Preparing scholarship holders for their stay in Germany by providing them with information on living, working and studying in Germany
  • Preparatory German language courses at some of our international locations
  • All formalities concerning entering the country and applying for a visa and residence permit are taken care of

In Germany

  • Intensive German language courses as preparation for the university admission test (DSH or TestDaF)
  • Informational events on the culture, everyday life and study conditions
  • Extensive and intensive consultation on the selection of a course and location of study and placement in a university
  • Support in searching for suitable housing for all phases of a course of study and training
  • Arranging for internships which are relevant to the course of study
  • Personal and non-scholastic support of scholarship holders

Continuous service for the providers of student grants

  • Taking care of all financial affairs, e.g. disbursing scholarship funds
  • Monitoring the progress and achievement of scholarship recipients on a regular basis
  • Reporting on their progress in their course of studies

You, too, can take advantage of the services offered by Carl Duisberg Centren to help your scholarship recipients to achieve scholastic success in quick and reliable fashion.

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