Our Intercultural Training Seminars

Corporate Training

We have been providing companies with business language courses and intercultural training seminars for over 55 years and offer selected intercultural programs as open seminars. We prepare managers and professionals for assignments abroad, giving them the tools to effectively communicate with international clients and productively collaborate in international teams.

The Carl Duisberg Concept

Our focus is always on customer needs. We provide pragmatic consulting services and put together tailor-made, needs-based training packages which lay the groundwork for your organization to confidently move forward.

The right course format for each and every participant

We offer language courses and intercultural training seminars in three formats: traditional face-to-face lessons, virtual classroom courses and blended learning programs (all options are available as one-to-one and/or group lessons).

Our Intercultural Training Seminars

Country-specific Intercultural Training

A country-specific program offers the optimal preparation for international collaboration. Content options: Differences in communication, expectations of executives.

Cultural Awareness Training

This cross-cultural program is designed to specifically sensitize participants to cultural differences. Content options: culturally imprinted behaviors, changes in perspective and appropriate reactions to situations.

International Management

This program teaches practical global business strategies, e.g. multicultural team building, conflict management and negotiation skills. 

Managing Diversity

This program shows how diversity contributes to productive collaboration in companies. Content options: recognizing and utilizing diversity, creating a non-discriminatory environment and integrating foreign staff. 

International Business Communication

This seminar is conducted in English and consolidates intercultural competence so that participants are proficient in international business communication, e.g. small talk, conflict management and vendor roles. 

Contract Design for International Assignments

This seminar supports HR personnel and provides practical answers to legal questions on international human resources management, e.g. issues regarding labor, tax and social security law, contracts for foreign assignments.

Intercultural Coaching

The participant’s specific intercultural questions are the focus of this one-to-one coaching.

Intercultural Assessment

Participants are tested for intercultural competence using an assessment tool to determine specific further training needs.

We also offer intercultural trainer programs. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

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